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Shades of Erte

In a previous blog post, "Works of Art", I showed Sue's unusual doll heads. Shortly thereafter, Sue got a complete doll that had the same features with very stylistic hands, and the doll's head is flocked.

The doll head with the black cap is iridescent. Sue created the cap, using the shaded outline left on the doll from what was once there.

Are these dolls an actual creation of Erte or was Erte's style an influence? There are definite similarities.

I have been collecting boudoir dolls for almost 10 years. These are the first I've ever seen of dolls like this, and I find it interesting that all three show up now.


  1. I've had mine for over 10 years. She has all her original face and black hair paint (similar to Sue's cap) and is about the size of an Anita doll. I was offered another one that was three times the size as mine but was flocked and with blonde hair parted on the side. She was so big though that I didn't feel she would look right with my other dolls so I passed on her. I have pics of her somewhere. Oh, and both of these dolls are insised with the name Lilith on their backs. One more thing, I have a Standard Frankenstein with those same hands. What's interesting about the hands that I have is that they are white with a frosty glitter look to them. I love them because they remind me of Edward from the Twilight series! <3 Edna

  2. I would love to post some photos of your dolls. Thanks for the info!

  3. I'll see if I can dig her out and take some photos over the weekend. She's a full bodied cloth doll with compo hands but she has no clothes. <3 Edna


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