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Where Are They Now? Bucilla or Sterling? or Both?

The origin of a lot of dolls is still a mystery, however, recently, tagged dolls have been discovered that reveal their makers. There were companies that made similar-looking dolls so you have to look for subtle differences to figure it out.

I've seen dolls like this one in Bucilla kits - sewing kits that provide a doll, fabric, shoes, etc. to create an outfit for a doll, and I've also seen tagged dolls like this one, identifying the maker as Sterling Doll Company. That was a big surprise because up until then I had only seen one style of doll made by them that had the Sterling name molded on its back.

This doll has composition hands - the rest of her is cloth. Was she made by the Sterling Doll Company? Was she part of a Bucilla kit? Did Sterling produce a doll for Bucilla?


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