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Rene Hubert with Boudoir Dolls 1926

I am so excited about this old photo! It is dated in back August 15, 1926 and handwritten Rene Hubert, 1st Edition. Mr. Hubert was a costume designer, and my guess is he designed the costumes for these celebrity boudoir dolls.

I found a blog that has some information about Rene Hubert.

Silver Screen Modiste Blog
Can you identify these celebrity look-a-likes?

Gloria Swanson?

Maurice Chevalier?

Rudolph Valentino?

The Dolly Sisters?

Lupe Velez?

Dolores del Rio?

Today's Sermon

Today's sermon will be sung by Belle Baker.
Click her photo to hear "Sing, You Sinners" - 1929. If you click her name, you can read her bio.

Dinner at Eight - 1933 - Jean Harlow, Marie Dressler

I loved this 1933 movie! And, there are boudoir dolls in it! "Dinner at Eight" has an all-star cast; Lionel and John Barrymore, Jean Harlow, Billie Burke, and Wallace Beery.

The Good Fairy - 1935

This is a comical and a little strange film, made in 1935. It stars Margaret Sullavan, Frank Morgan, and Herbert Marshall, with a cameo appearance from Cesar Romero. I recommend this cute film.

Have a Large Box of Tissues Handy

This particular scene from "Imitation of Life" doesn't give you any idea what this movie is all about, but it does give you a snippet of two characters in this film, played by Claudette Colbert and Warren Willliam whom I just adore. Louise Beavers plays Delilah, a lady you will love. I'm not going to give it away, but I highly recommend this 1934 movie. Don't let this light-hearted scene fool you. It's a real tear jerker.

Couch Potatoes

Check out this cool couch. Each arm opens up to reveal a bar and a phonograph. Super cool!
I got these captions over a year ago and didn't make a note of the movie. I think these are from "Why Change Your Wife" 1920, starring Gloria Swanson, BebeDaniels, and Thomas Meighan.

Early French Boudoir Dolls

Although, her dress is a vintage replacement, she still has her original hair ornament, lace armlets, and underwear. She also has an old tag pinned onto her body that may have once been sewn on her original gown "Eleanor Trueheart." Like the other early French Doll I've previously posted, she has a chamois (suede) face and silk floss hair. She has a turned head mold. She is one of the most striking dolls I've seen in awhile.

Early Boudoir Dolls

Thanks to Sue Uhlherr for finding information in the Coleman's Dictionary about some of the early boudoir dolls, made in France, during World War I. It seems that quite a few were made with chamois (suede) faces and silk costumes. According to Coleman's Encyclopedia of Dolls, Volume 2, page 950, these early dolls were referred to as "Poupee Chiffon (Rag Dolls)." Read all the information from the book, below.

This wonderful example has her original painted on silk gown. She has silk floss hair and a stitched chamois face.


I'm always looking for cool photos. I found this one on eBay. It's a 1916 Ziegfeld Follies photo. Click the photo to view the auction.

Random Shots

I was in the doll room this afternoon and took a couple of photos.

William Powell, Myrna Loy and Asta

I wanted to post a clip from the 1937 film "Double Wedding" starring William Powell and Myrna Loy, but I couldn't find it on YouTube. But, I found this piece that someone put together about the Terrier dogs of that era; George, Mr. Smith, and the all-time star Terrier, Asta.

I do recommend the film Double Wedding. The end was espeically insane. I just love William Powell and Myrna Loy.

German Powder Jar

This is a cool Art Deco powder box. This is one from vanity set, made in Germany.

Hollywood Canteen, 1944, All-Star Cast

I highly recommend this 1944 feel-good, World War II era morale-booster film. This is one of my favorite scenes with Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet who play themselves in this movie. In fact, all the stars; Bette Davis, Jack Benny, Roy Rogers (another favorite scene), Joan Crawford, Joan Leslie, Barbara Stanwyck, the list goes on - play themselves.

The story is about a star-operated entertainment club for the servicemen. I won't spoil the plot which is a poignantone.

Russian Princess

And, as I love to do, I've posted a boudoir doll that reminded me of "Nadia." The boudoir doll is a Rosalinde, made in France.

The Coming of Amos - 1925 - Rod LaRocque, Jetta Goudal

Yippy ti yi yo get along little - Kanga? This 1925 silent film starts out with Rod LaRocque chasing a kangaroo.

Rod LaRocque plays an Australian rancher, named Amos, who visits his uncle in the French Riviera to fulfill a promise to his dead mother. There, he meets Nadia, an exiled Russian Princess, played by Jetta Goudal.

I would not rate "The Coming of Amos" as a really great movie, however, when was the last time you saw a film with a cowboy chasing a kangaroo, an exiled Russian Princess, a villain and a castle all in the same film. Ya gotta love it!

Hanging Out on the Sofa with the Ones You Love

This photo is undated, but looks to be about late 1930s/early 1940s.

Where are they now? Hawaiian Boudoir Dolls

This interesting boudoir doll was in her original box, labeled Betty Lei. The head looks French-made, possibly by the maker Moulage JxB. The face is flocked, the body all cloth with Raffia around the neck wrists and ankles and wig.