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Rene Hubert with Boudoir Dolls 1926

I am so excited about this old photo! It is dated in back August 15, 1926 and handwritten Rene Hubert, 1st Edition. Mr. Hubert was a costume designer, and my guess is he designed the costumes for these celebrity boudoir dolls.

I found a blog that has some information about Rene Hubert.

Silver Screen Modiste Blog

Can you identify these celebrity look-a-likes?

Gloria Swanson?

Maurice Chevalier?

Rudolph Valentino?

The Dolly Sisters?

Lupe Velez?

Dolores del Rio?


  1. That is a great photo...all those wonderful dolls!

    Looks like you made some very good guesses on the celebrity dolls. I wish I knew my 20's film stars a little better so that I could help you out. The very first doll has such a distinctive look. Hmmm...I'm stumped!

  2. The first doll looks like Gloria Swanson to me. Look at the eyes and smile!

  3. Yeah, I was thinking maybe Gloria Swanson, but the outfit threw me. I would have thought he would have dressed her in something more exotic. I added her name under the photo. I think you're right.

  4. Could the one in the top hat be Raymond Griffith? The great smile and funky eyebrows remind me of him. Check here:


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