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She Looks Like A Boudoir Doll

Here is another photo - Mary Pickford - and boudoir dolls that remind me of her in this photo.

Draped in Lace

I always see boudoir dolls when I look at old photos.

1923 Ladies Home Journal

Here are a couple more pages from the 1923 Ladies Home Journal.

Basket Case

This page is from the Ladies Home Journal 1923 - I first thought the dolls on these baskets were Rosalinde heads, but they can't be because they would have been way too tall. They must be half dolls. These dolls have a Rosalinde look to them; the tilt of the head and the shape of the face. I wonder who made these half dolls and what were they made of - wax? wax over composition/chalk, bisque? Has anyone seen a basket like these?

Ladies Home Journal 1923

Thanks to Sue for this page from a 1923 Ladies' Home Journal. At least one of the dolls shown is a typical Rosalinde. The others have similar-looking bodies (the Chinese doll's body can't be seen to know for sure). So, I wonder - were the other dolls shown made by Rosalinde?

In the Pink

I had thought this doll was made by Gerling, but now, I'm wondering if it's not an Etta or some other company - French? She is quite unique with her pink silk floss hair. What do you think?

Frederica Charlotte, Duchess of York

I had finished posting the Blossoms the other night and decided to watch "Beau Brummel," made in 1924, starring John Barrymore, Irene Rich, Mary Astor, and Carmel Myers. Irene Rich appears as Frederica Charlotte, Duchess of York, and when I saw her, the first doll that came to mind was this Blossom.

Etta, Inc.

Gorgeous Etta! She has remnants of her original costume and her green silk turban. She is double tagged (tags are shown above). The hang tag is written in pencil "Georgia." A previous owner added her necklace.

This is another gorgeous Etta! She is also tagged, double tagged as shown above her. A previous owner added an original boudoir doll lounging PJs, a feather hair ornament and dragon pin.

This redheaded Etta has a beautiful face and wears blue lounging PJs.

This lovely Etta wears her original dress.

Of the various styles of hairdos on Ettas, I think I love this style the best!

I thought this guy was a Blossom, however, there some collectors who believe he is an Etta. He has painted-on hair and a soulful expression. Male Ettas are rare.

This is another Etta I love. She has one of the prettiest faces! I love her hair!

Blossom Doll Company

This Blossom is the only Blossom I have left in my collection. She has painted-on hair and is a smoker. Muy Bueno!

Here is another Blossom that isn't what you typically can find. Her wig is more elaborate and inspired by Pompadour/Antoinette.

This gorgeous Blossom makes a beautiful bride.

Male boudoir dolls aren't a common find. This Blossom male makes a handsome groom. Could he have been inspired by Clark Gable?

This Blossom male has a "salt and pepper" wig.

Could this Blossom have been inspired by Greta Garbo?

What about this Blossom?

This is another platinum "blond Blossom bombshell" (say that fast, three times).

I love this Blossom. She is all original from the top of her burgundy hair to the tip of her toes.

Here is another all original Blossom beauty. Her box was gone, unfortunately, but she was still tied to her box insert. I left it that way when I sold her (you can see the white ribbon around her waist).

This Blossom wears a Pierrot costume. Her hat is gone …

Gerling Toy Company

It's nice to find a boudoir doll with her original hairnet.

I love the face paint on this Gerling. She wears her original silk dress and has remnant of her hairnet.

Rhinestones are a great addition to any boudoir doll!

This Gerling has an unusual wig style; not the typical mohair ringlets or braided silk floss.

This Gerling is tagged and wears her original outfit.

I love the face paint on this Gerling. She wears her original silk velvet and metallic lace outfit.

This Gerling has a thick head of black mohair ringlets.

This Gerling is one of the nicest ones I ever owned. I love her facepaint, outfit and her braided silk floss wig.

This Gerling's face paint is one of my favorites. Her wig is a replacement.

This rare Gerling smoker wears harem pants and cuff bracelets.