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Blossom Doll Company

This Blossom is the only Blossom I have left in my collection. She has painted-on hair and is a smoker. Muy Bueno!

Here is another Blossom that isn't what you typically can find. Her wig is more elaborate and inspired by Pompadour/Antoinette.

This gorgeous Blossom makes a beautiful bride.

Male boudoir dolls aren't a common find. This Blossom male makes a handsome groom. Could he have been inspired by Clark Gable?

This Blossom male has a "salt and pepper" wig.

Could this Blossom have been inspired by Greta Garbo?

What about this Blossom?

This is another platinum "blond Blossom bombshell" (say that fast, three times).

I love this Blossom. She is all original from the top of her burgundy hair to the tip of her toes.

Here is another all original Blossom beauty. Her box was gone, unfortunately, but she was still tied to her box insert. I left it that way when I sold her (you can see the white ribbon around her waist).

This Blossom wears a Pierrot costume. Her hat is gone and someone added the hair yarn. She has nice face paint and a great face.

This Blossom wears a Pierrot costume, too, but she managed to keep her hat! The costume is made of a velvet corduroy-like fabric. One thing I can never seem to learn is fabric. So, I usually describe material as it looks, not what it actually is......This doll is fabulous!

This is a gorgeous Blossom. A previous owner added vintage fabric on her head. It suits her. Beautimous!


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