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Christmas in September

This little girl was one lucky kid. Look at all the dolls she got for Christmas! Among them looks like a Cornell or a Sterling boudoir doll. Cornell made a similar-looking doll to one made by the Sterling Doll Company. I cannot see if this doll's legs are cloth. The Sterling-made doll is composition to the midriff with composition legs and molded, painted-on shoes. Cornell's doll had cloth legs with no composition midriff. You can find both dolls with an embossed company name on their backs although sometimes the back is unmarked. So, is this boudoir doll made by Cornell or Sterling?


  1. The Sterling dolls had a more sultry look with half closed lids. The Cornell dolls have a fresher more wide eyed look, so I think it might be a Cornell. There is one on E-bay right now from Canada, and I'm wondering if they were mostly distributed in Canada, because mine is also from there.


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