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Geez Louise!

This is a crazy scene from "God's Gift to Women" 1931 with Frank Fay, Louise Brooks, Joan Blondell, Yola D'Avril and Laura LaPlante. I haven't seen this movie yet. I'll have to see if it's available on DVD.

Louise Brooks in the 1929 silent film "Diary of a Lost Girl." This film was a little disappointing. It didn't always make sense and some scenes weren't very realistic to me.

Louise Brooks and Jack Shutta in the William Goodrich-directed (Fatty Arbuckle aka) 1931 talkie film "Windy Riley Goes to Hollywood." I enjoyed this film much better than "Diary of a Lost Girl." It is a short film that came in the same DVD as Lost Girl. It was the first time I heard Louise Brooks' voice.


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