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Etta, Inc.

Gorgeous Etta! She has remnants of her original costume and her green silk turban. She is double tagged (tags are shown above). The hang tag is written in pencil "Georgia." A previous owner added her necklace.

This is another gorgeous Etta! She is also tagged, double tagged as shown above her. A previous owner added an original boudoir doll lounging PJs, a feather hair ornament and dragon pin.

This redheaded Etta has a beautiful face and wears blue lounging PJs.

This lovely Etta wears her original dress.

Of the various styles of hairdos on Ettas, I think I love this style the best!

I thought this guy was a Blossom, however, there some collectors who believe he is an Etta. He has painted-on hair and a soulful expression. Male Ettas are rare.

This is another Etta I love. She has one of the prettiest faces! I love her hair!


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