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Trick or Treat!

Here is another photo I found on eBay for sale. Bela Lugosi, 1928. Click the photo to view the auction.

Happy Halloween!

Mae Clarke, Boris Karloff

I found this photo for sale on eBay. Click the photo to see auction.

Monster Mash (requires Real Player)

Monster Mash - remake

What Will You Be for Halloween?


Accessorize, Accessorize

"Charlie Chan in Shanghai" 1935, Starring Warner Oland, Irene Hervey, and Charles Locher. (click their names to view their info).
Check out Irene's ensemble. I wonder what color it was. The trim on her hat, her gloves and her purse all match her blouse.

Making a Dress for Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel
Click her name to view her Wikipedia bio.

This portrait doll of Coco Chanel was made by the Italian company, Lenci. She is a smoker. The photo, below, is how she was when Sue received her. Using the remnants of Coco's outfit as a guide/pattern, Sue made a new dress and underskirt for her, using the same type of fabric - felt and organza.

What do you do when a famous dress designer needs one herself?

What a Witch!

Here is a cool photo (reprint) on eBay of Bessie Love. Click the photo to view the auction.

Boudoir Dolls in Film - The Strong Man - Harry Langdon, 1926

"The Strong Man"
This 1926 film stars Harry Langdon, Gertrude Astor and Priscilla Bonner. There is a "Cubeb" all composition smoker in this film. I have also seen this doll referred to in 1924/1926 ads as "Charleston Girl" and "The Parisienne," as well as "Flapper Doll." This doll is wearing a felt pant suit, similar to a Lenci Fadette.

The movie is about a Belgium World War I "POW" who ends up in America to find the girl who wrote him letters. It had some good scenes in it, and I had a good laugh.

Good Boy, Bad Boy

A pair of German Papier-Mache/Cloth boudoir dolls; one is 24", dressed in Pierrot costume and the other is 22" and dressed in an Apache outfit.

Junior Boudoir Doll Collector

This postcard is undated, but appears to be 1950/60's. It is marked Dorothy Pannill, Waynesboro, VA. She has quite a collection of dolls, notably the boudoir doll that she has proudly on display.

Bad Boys

Here are more male boudoir dolls, or at least most are male. Some are dressed as males and could be female, but I consider them masculine. Several represent the French Apache. Two are hand puppets and one is a marionette. There are three that are Rudolph Valentino.

The Entertainers

These male boudoir dolls are Pierrots and a Harlequin. The Italian maker, Lenci, is mostly represented in this collage.

The Good Boys

Here are a variety of male boudoir dolls. Some of the companies represented here are Blossom, Etta, and Lenci. Some are French, German, American and Italian.

Male Boudoir Dolls

German-made Composition/Cloth Dutch

I received a question about where to find male boudoir dolls. They're out there, but not a common find. Here are some male boudoir dolls - Dutch and Chinese. I will post more.

Cloth Chinese - the face is stitched stockinette, similar to Ravca


This doll is French-made JxB. Her face paint gives her a ghostly pallor.

This JxB is not marked.

This JxB is marked. It is flocked.

Family Photos

My grandmother and her husband in Germany - 1930.

This is my grandmother and her second husband in 1930.

I do not know who everyone is in this photo, but I think a couple of them are Great Uncles. The couple on the right is my grandmother and grandfather. Not sure of the year, but would guess post World War I/early 1920's?

This is my grandfather in World War I.He died during the flu epidemic in the 1920's.

Mirdza Kalnins

I received a very nice email from Mirdza Kalnins' granddaughter. She sent me the following information and YouTube Video:

"She used to perform in Theatre. She was in the national Opera of Riga from 1927 till 1933, and she was going often in Paris to perfect her technique with the maestro Nikolaj Legat. Then in Rome she danced with the Teatro dell'Opera (opera theatre), as soloist and principal dancer. Here she danced Petrouchka, Coppelia, Carmen, Fedora, Principe Igor, etc...

She was part of the Vittorio De Sica's movie "Finisce sempre così", but she performed in several other movies as well. Check this YouTube video. She plays The Light in the version of Excelsior:"

Penelope's Britches

The French smoker is wearing a similar laced-up pants. Her shoes may be replaced. I wonder if she originally wore boots like Penelope. Both character and doll wear a loose open jacket over a blouse.

House of Eliott - 1920's Fashion

This 1990's British series, "House of Eliott," is a story about sisters entering the fashion world in the 1920's. I highly recommend this DVD set. It is available on Netflix, or you can get the whole series on DVD at Amazon. The fashion in this series is excellent.

Check out the authentic (or a really good replica) of Picture Play magazine with Valentino on the cover.

In my next post, I will show you a side-by-side comparison of the laced-up pants that Francesca Folan (Penelope) is wearing and a Nazimova boudoir doll that wears a similar outfit.

Mirdza Kalnins and her Boudoir Dolls

Mirdza Kalnins with French Boudoir Dolls
I tried to find some information about her, but so far, I haven't found a thing. These postcards are dated 1933.

Smile for the Camera

Here is a photo of an unknown lady, posing with her French boudoir doll.

Made in USA

I love when a doll is tagged! This doll was made by the Standard Doll Company. Collectors, in general, refer to these types of dolls as Standards, whether they were made by this company or not. Click the photos to view the auction.