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This doll is French-made JxB. Her face paint gives her a ghostly pallor.

This JxB is not marked.

This JxB is marked. It is flocked.


  1. Hi! My name is Charlotta and i found your blog while googleing info on my new-bought doll!
    And i can see some similaritys to my new friend and the dolls you have here..

    What do you think, is he some kind of boudoir doll?
    Are they most often from the 20-40´s ??

    My blog is in swedish because i´m a swede :) But you can of course answer me in english!

    Heres a pic of my doll

    Best regards

  2. He could be a boudoir doll because I have seen boudoir dolls with those types of faces. But, I would have to see his body to know for sure. He is at least related to these dolls and would fit in well with boudoir dolls.

  3. Ok! while surfing on the net i haven´t seen any pictures of a boy - boudoir doll why is that??
    There´s a full body image of him..
    He´s head is about the size of a small orange or a tennis ball..

    Compared to the dolls you have here he is in really bad shape but i think he is fabolous!

    Thank you so much for helping me :)


  4. And... Maybe i should mention that he´s body seems do be stuffed something crunchy, as if its some kind of grains or seeds?

    But I dont know about the head? It might be paper mache or carved out of wood.. and then painted??

    /me again

  5. Well, I'd consider him a boudoir doll. There are male boudoir dolls out there, but they're not common. Search my blog - you'll see photos of some male boudoir dolls.

    There are several on this blog.


  6. Sounds like he's stuffed with straw. His head might be composition. I am not very good at identifying that. But, it looks to me like composition.


  7. I will blog with photos of male boudoir dolls tonight, and I will ask people to send me photos of their male boudoir dolls. We will see if anyone sends me photos.



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