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Aloha! Josephine Baker

In previous blog posts, I showed a couple of dolls, one in her original box, marked Betty Lei, that are similar to this all cloth doll. The heads of the other dolls differ and appear French-made, possibly JxB. (Link to previous blog posts)

This particular doll is most likely French as well, and even though there's a remnant of a tag, it does not help us know whether it's Gerb's or other French maker. Like the other two dolls, this doll's body is adorned with Raffia. These dolls remind a lot of collectors of Josephine Baker. Not sure if that was what inspired the dolls' creators, but I can see the connection.

With the help of the box on the other doll, it is evidence that at least that particular doll was made as a souvenir of Hawaii. However, the doll, featured in this blog post, looks more exotic with her arm adornment and large hoop earrings so could represent another ethnicity.


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