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Another Correction, Please

First off, I'd LOVE to own a doll like this one! It's Rudolph Valentino in his "The Eagle" costume. The French auction catalog makes it sound like this doll was made by Lenci. I'm not too sure about that.....I always had the impression, this doll was made by another Italian company - Messina-Vat, but, that, too, could be wrong. Another company I've seen attributed to Valentino dolls is LaRosa. It's mentioned the doll is tagged, but didn't say what the tag read. Gives the reader the impression it's a tagged Lenci. Again, not too sure about that. If anyone knows for sure, I'd appreciate the information.

Anyway, there is one error for sure - "The Eagle" was released in 1925, not 1922......but, they're probably correct that the doll is circa 1925.


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