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Frightening to Rightening

Doesn't she look great?

Karen sent me these photos of a composition/cloth boudoir doll she owns that had been altered by a previous owner from its original condition.

It's one thing to restore and another to reinvent, which is what had unfortunately been done to this doll.

So, Karen went about setting things right - First, she took off "that God-awful braid only to find the original hair under that had been doused with glue." Karen spent some time removing the goop off the doll's head. She also cleaned the doll's face, removing "a layer of yellow scum covering her." It appeared to have been caused by exposure to cigarette smoke. Finally, Karen added an old wig, appropriate to the doll. She plans to make her a silk brocade gown for her one day.

Wow, the doll looks like it once did instead of something out of the 1960's. Great job, Karen!

What's with the 1960's braided beehive!?


  1. She's lovely.

    I have been reading your blog for about a year now. Thank you for all the lovely pictures and information. Your blog is wonderful.

    Kim :)

  2. Kim,

    Thank you for reading the blog. Glad you find it worthwhile. I appreciate your comment!



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