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I Love My Boudoir Doll

This is a publicity photo of Loretta Young in "Magnificent Flirt" 1928. The boudoir doll is known by collectors as a "Kissing Cubeb." As I've mentioned in previous blog posts, I don't know where the name "Cubeb" originated. The claim is these all-composition, jointed dolls (smoking versions) were used as advertising tools for Cubeb cigarettes. I have not seen any advertisement yet so not sure about this claim. I have only seen the smoking dolls referred to in ads as "The Parisienne," "Charleston Girl," "Silk Pajama Girl," "Silk Doll," "Satin Doll," Felt Doll," "Deluxe Cigarette Doll," and "Boudoir Doll."

This particular doll is a non-smoking version and looks like she's pouting or kissing, hence the nickname "Kissing Cubeb."

If anybody has an ad that shows these dolls connected to Cubeb cigarettes, I would appreciate seeing it.


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