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More Farago Treasures

These photos appear in the January 1991 issue of Dolls Magazine. Written by Stephanie Farago, the article on "Rare Lencis" was divided into several parts and appears in several issues of this magazine.

The photo, above, is a boudoir doll collector's dream home. Several years ago, Ms. Farago sold a bunch of her dolls at auction, and I was able to purchase a couple of the dolls that appear in that photo. I still have those dolls - an Alma and a Lenci, and they're among my favorites. The Alma is located on the left side of the fireplace, standing in the middle of the Pierrots. The Lenci is located on the right side of the fireplace with the yellow hat. Another doll I have is the smoker that is reclining on a fainting couch, located in front of the fireplace.

Imagine entering a home and being welcomed by these clowns? The one Pierrot in the distance, located in a niche to the left of the red frame was originally thought to be an early Lenci, however, it is now believed to be an Alma. He's one doll I should have bid on more aggressively, but I chickened out.......

I love the colors in this room, and there is a Lenci standing on the mantle that is on my wish list.

This room has always been a favorite. The Lenci Fadette, wearing a mauve pantsuit, sitting on the right side of the table with the red checkered table cloth on it, is living with me now. She's my very favorite doll.


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