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Nancy Drew, Reporter - 1939

When I was a kid, I did nothing but read Nancy Drew books. I was crazy about her!

So, I spent this weekend watching the 1930's film version, based on the books. I must say, I don't remember Nancy Drew being quite so out of control and wacky, but the movies were hysterical! I recommend all four of them. I rented them from Netflix. They were made in 1938 and 1939.

The embedding was disabled on this YouTube clip so click the photo to view the clip from this fun film "Nancy Drew, Reporter" with Bonita Granville, Frank Thomas, Jr., Dickie Jones, and Mary Lee. This clip starts out with a great song sung by the group, headed up by Mary Lee.

The kids didn't have enough money to pay the restaurant bill so they ended up entertaining the other guests. Dickie Jones does a wonderful Donald Duck imitation, and isn't it interesting that years later, he did the voice of Pinocchio for Disney.


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