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The Same Dressmaker?

This French Suede-Faced boudoir doll wears a painted-on silk gown that has survived better than the Rosalinde's. Although, it, too, is shredding, Sue was able to reinforce it with iron-on interfacing. This will help keep it together a little longer. Notice how the pink paint on her skirt looks the same shade as the Rosalinde's. Same maker? Same dressmaker? Coincidence?


  1. This pattern is a "Gabriel Domergue's look alike", and many people did copy his style.
    My feeling is that this painted silk could be bought from a shop to make a dress for yourself or for your doll, or any thing else.
    It could also have been done by the Ros makers themselves, it's not difficult to paint silk and this well known pattern is an easy one. Also there is a vintage drawing of a Ros waring a black silk dress with two large yellow flowers painted on the front of the skirt, so I would beleive that the Ros makers used to decorate (painted) themselves the dress of their dolls after the Gabriel Domergue's style. Of course, this is not an affirmation, only a proposition.
    The chamois head doll with same kind of painted silk (but sligtly different)shows same Gabriel Domergue's style, and we might found other kind of doll or lady dress with such painted silk.
    Congratulations for opening the debat, questionning is the road to the truth.
    It's always rich to spare different opinions !



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