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Who Influenced Who?

This very rare boudoir doll is marked "Lilith." The magazine cover "Delineator" was created by artist, Helen Dryden. The resemblance is very striking.

I posted in past blogs about these dolls and their possible Erte connection, but these drawings by Helen Dryden challenge this, OR perhaps, the Lilith doll was inspired by both artists? Click the two links to view the two blog posts. Link 1, Link 2

Thanks, Edna, for sending these photos and for providing information about Helen Dryden and her connection to, or influence of, the style of your fabulous boudoir doll. Edna mentioned she wonders who came first - did the doll's creation come about with Helen Dryden or did the doll influence Dryden's artwork?

I wish there was information about this doll that we could find out about the company, Lilith. Maybe, that would help answer the question.

Click the photo, above, to view an eBay auction of posters of Helen Dryden magazine covers.


  1. LOVE your blog,so fascinating. I am suggesting this blog to some of my friends who adore boudoir dolls also. I have 1 boudoir doll I got off Ebay a few years back. Thanks for this amazing blog / images .

  2. Thanks, Jann! I'm glad you like it. If it wasn't for the contributions people have made, it would be a real challenge to keep it interesting. I only have so much I can post before it starts getting repetitive. That is why I appreciate when people send me such great photos of their dolls and other related items.

    Thanks, again, for your comment.



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