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More Sleep Eyes

This sleep eye is unique in that she has molded breasts, celluloid hands and molded legs in the bent position - molded bentknees are connected to the company Keeneye, but this boudoir doll was unmarked as far as I can remember. Her silk dress is shattered, but you can tell she once was a very grand doll.

Speaking of grand, this sleep-eyed boudoir doll was practically brand new looking. None of these dolls can escape age. Being 85+ years old, she was the closest thing to perfection I've seen. Her dress was crisp, and when I got her, her feet were still wrapped in paper. The paper crumbled upon touching them, but her feet, with her painted-on shoes, was in great shape. She has molded bentkneed legs. She still had her original hairnet over her hair and face! Gorgeous doll made by Keeneye!

The doll on the left has one of the prettiest faces on a sleep-eyed doll. She has vibrant face paint too. She wore a pant outfit. The doll on the right has red hair and wears a dress covered in nettin…

Another SleepEyed Boudoir Doll

This is another sleep-eyed boudoir doll that is for sale in my shop. Click the photo to view more photos.

eBay Auction - SleepEyed Boudoir Doll

This rare sleep-eyed boudoir doll is available on eBay. Click the photo to access the auction.

Merry Christmas!

Boys and Their Toys.....and Boudoir Dolls?

This photo has two German boudoir dolls in it. I think the "Mensch ägere Dich Nicht" game is the equivalent to the "Aggravation" game.

Lilith - A Beautiful Creation

This original Lilith doll head is well on its way to becoming the boudoir doll it once was.

Sue created the body, using an original Lilith body as her model.Although, the original hands were not made of cloth, Sue has created a cloth version which she will Gesso and paint to match the original.

French Lingerie Bag

This lingerie bag is one of the best ones I've ever owned. This bag can hang so I have her on a wall. She measures 23" long and 15" wide. Her multi- colored turban is similar to the top part of a dress on a French boudoir doll I used to own, shown in the last photo. Makes me wonder if both were made by the same manufacturer.

Doll Face

These doll faces are unmarked, but have the French style of silk cover with woven backing. They are hand painted and in pristine condition.

Black Angel - 1946 - Dan Duryea

Black Angel - 1946, starring Dan Duryea, Peter Lorre, June Vincent and Broderick Crawford. There was a combination of happy and sad ending. I had absolutely no sympathy for the murder victim so whoever killed her did everyone a favor, but it was still a good whodunit.

All Through the Night - 1942 - Humphrey Bogart

All Through the Night, starring Humphrey Bogart, Kaaren Verne, Peter Lorre, Jackie Gleason, Frank McHugh, Conrad Veidt and Phil Silver - 1942 - this movie surprised me because it's a film with a serious subject, but has a lot of comedy in it, mostly from the main character's side kick. World War II era, enemy spies and a plot to destroy the USA..... sound familiar?

D'oll That Jazz!

This is a rare German musical boudoir doll! She wears a silk sateen pant outfit and smokes a cigarette.

These German boudoir dolls are all musical. Two are smokers; the one on the left is not. Listen, below to their music boxes.

Rudolph Valentino

In addition to boudoir dolls, I have a collection of vintage photos of Rudolph Valentino. The photo, above, was taken by Mabel Sykes. The photo, below, was taken in 1925.

On the back of this photo is typed "Rudy Arrives in New York. New shows Rudolph Valentino, the erstwhile Sheik of the silver sheet, as he arrived in New York this morning on the Twentieth Century. He has recently been separated from his wife, Winifred Hudnut. 12-7-25" and it's stamped "Nov 14 1925."

'Tis the Season

It's hard to believe it's Christmas time again! What better way to celebrate than to find a boudoir doll under your tree.

This standard boudoir doll looks to be made by WKS or Keeneye and is a bride doll. It looks very much like a doll I once owned.

Take a Look

Click on this photo to access my shop on Ruby Lane - I'm selling a bunch of dolls in the coming weeks. I have listed 8 so far. 17 more will be listed - (teaser) they're shown in this photo.......