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More Sleep Eyes

This sleep eye is unique in that she has molded breasts, celluloid hands and molded legs in the bent position - molded bentknees are connected to the company Keeneye, but this boudoir doll was unmarked as far as I can remember. Her silk dress is shattered, but you can tell she once was a very grand doll.

Speaking of grand, this sleep-eyed boudoir doll was practically brand new looking. None of these dolls can escape age. Being 85+ years old, she was the closest thing to perfection I've seen. Her dress was crisp, and when I got her, her feet were still wrapped in paper. The paper crumbled upon touching them, but her feet, with her painted-on shoes, was in great shape. She has molded bentkneed legs. She still had her original hairnet over her hair and face! Gorgeous doll made by Keeneye!

The doll on the left has one of the prettiest faces on a sleep-eyed doll. She has vibrant face paint too. She wore a pant outfit. The doll on the right has red hair and wears a dress covered in netting with rhinestones.

The sleep eye on the left wears a a ruffled dress. She, too, has a pretty face. The sleep eye on the right is a beauty with vibrant face paint and long ringlets. She is a Keeneye.


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