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Happy New Year's Eve!

If you're in the Nashville area tonight, this looks like fun!

But, wherever you choose to celebrate, I wish all of you a safe, healthy, and prosperous new year!

Window Shopping with Grandpa

This old postcard from Argentina shows a little girl with her Grandpa in front of a shop called, "El Amanecer" (The Dawn). In the shop window is a beautiful French boudoir doll!

I Dream of Genie

Check out this great boudoir doll! She has composition head and hands and a cloth body. Her costume was made by Sue. Isn't it fantastic! What I love about Sue's work is she keeps to the era, using vintage patterns or using old magazines as inspiration for her designs. This outfit was made, using a 1926 pattern. I love the colors Sue used, and check out the detail; she even made the slippers.

The Party Begins

Bing Crosby, Bebe Daniels, Douglas Fairbanks Sr in "Reaching for the Moon" 1931. The song is "When the Folks High Up Do the Mean Low Down"

Man of Mystery

This is a very interesting figure. Margie told me his construction reminds her of the pair I blogged about yesterday. I wonder if they're made by the same maker? He still has his original coat and slippers. Was he a Sultan? Perhaps, he's a Genie? Or, maybe, he's a spiritual leader....

At any rate, he's had some misfortune; he lost the lower half of his right arm. He's marked with a number on the back of his neck "488."

From Rags to Riches - A Royal Affair

Here are photos of a pair of half-doll type dolls in partially restored costumes, made by the ever-so-talented Margie Herrera. These dolls belong to Carol Willman who had Margie restore their costumes and allowed Margie to share her photos on this blog. Thanks! Below are more photos taken before their transformation. You will notice that most of their original costumes remain and that Margie replaced the badly shredded silk. One thing that can't be replaced, however, is the lady's nose up in the air! She's not having any part of "Prince Charming"'s attentions.

See the tag, below, last photo. These dolls are German/Austrian.

The lady's gown has a tag, "Wiener Kunstgewerbe-Atelier - Berlin, SW68 Ritterstrasse 49 (Viennese Arts and Crafts Studio, Berlin SW 68, Knight Street 49)

Clara Bow Sings!

Clara Bow performs, "True to the Navy Now" 1930 from the film True to the Navy

All I Want To Do Is Dance - Marilyn Miller - 1929

Marilyn Miller performing "All I Want to do is Dance." 1929 Film "Sally"

Christmas Greetings!

This photo was taken Christmas 1968. Notice the black fishnet stockings, shocking pink double-knit tent-style mini dress with mandarin collar, and my Patty Boyd-wannabe hairdo. Also, in the background is our German "Blaupunkt" radio/phonograph console.

German Cowgirl

I believe this all cloth doll is German-made. She is missing her boots and has red paint that splattered onto her face, but she is still a great doll and wears her original outfit!

Hey Buddy, Gotta Light?

This old photo of Anna Held, Jr is dated November 28, 1924. The news caption reads, "New York....Theatrical folk of a generation ago well remember Anna Held, who reigned as a leader in the musical comedy world for several years. When her daughter, Anna Held, Jr, came upon the stage to follow the career of her mother, she received a hearty welcome and attained much personal popularity. But now Anna Held, Jr has forsaken the footlights and has opened a novelty shop in Greenwich Village where she not only has on sale a great many interesting articles of various design, but where she also makes many things herself."

Additionally, the photo has the following caption, "Photo shows Anna Held with two French Apache dolls designed by Poiret of Paris. She is getting a light from the Apache cigarette."

From what I've found in photos and magazines, it appears that there were a lot of boudoir dolls designed by famous fashion designers. I love this photo!

Christmas Greetings from The Sleepy Time Gals

The all-girl band, The Sleepy Time Gals with their "Turnhead" boudoir dolls. The dolls' heads tilt and can be posed. These boudoir dolls are not a common find.

Bare Necessities

This is a page from an unknown magazine. It's hard to tell in the photo whether the boudoir doll is cloth or composition, however, it looks like part of the doll's costume is made of Raffia.

French Christmas Postcards

Two French Christmas Postcards with boudoir dolls.

Bebe Daniels - Picture Show Magazine 1920

Down through the chimney with lots of toys, all for the little ones, Christmas joys!
Bebe Daniels on the front cover of 1920 Picture Show magazine.

I Am Your Baby Now - Bebe Daniels - 1930

Bebe Daniels sings "I Am Your Baby Now" in the film "Dixiana" 1930.

Christmas Past

Here are two old photos, showing a girl with her bear and Keeneye boudoir doll.

Janet Gaynor Sings

Super cute lullaby sung by Janet Gaynor - 1931 "Somebody from Somewhere."

Cozy Christmas

These photos are a bit fuzzy, but what is clear is that boudoir doll decided to cozy up to the ventriloquist dummy under the Christmas tree!

The Cowboy and the Lady

The Cowboy and the Lady - 1938 - Merle Oberon and Gary Cooper. This is a cute movie!

Boudoir Dolls & the Casino de Paris - Le Perroquet l'Arlequin

The doll on the left still wears her original outfit - and it's tagged! The tag is barely legible and is incomplete, however, what is left gave me enough information to search the Internet. What I've been able to figure out is the tag reads, "Le Perroquet l'Arlequin" (The Harlequin Parrot). And, the word "Paris." This was a cabaret within the Casino de Paris that was graced by many performers, including The Dolly Sisters. Click all the links to access information. Apparently, the Casino de Paris and Le Perroquet still exist, although it appears that Le Perroquet is now a restaurant.

Based on this information, these dolls were "cabaret souvenirs."

Someone a long time ago attempted to "restore" the doll on the right, however, they replaced the body with an Anita-type body (with compo hands), making her a few inches shorter than her original "sister." Her costume was once like the one on the left. The doll on the left is tagg…

Are They These Dolls?

These boudoir dolls are so much like the ones in this 1926 photo of Rene Hubert (click this link to see the whole photo), I can't help believing they're the same dolls. What do you think?

Dolly Sisters Boudoir Dolls

I've done some Internet surfing, trying to get some information about The Dolly Sisters and these dolls. Here is a link to Netlex News containing more information on The Dolly Sisters. Don't you think these dolls look like them?

The Dolly Sisters - Gary Chapman's Web Site

Click Gary Chapman to access the web page on The Dolly Sisters. He wrote a biography about them, called "The Delectable Dollies - Icons of the Jazz Age" in 2006. Also, click this link to view another web page from his site.

You will notice in the upper left-hand corner of the photo, I've inserted a black and white comparison photo of boudoir dolls I just acquired.

The Dolly Sisters - Babes in the Wood

A PEEP AT "BABES IN THE WOOD"<p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>

I found this film on the British Pathe' web site. It features The Dolly Sisters. More on the Dolly Sisters in the coming days, including boudoir dolls I've recently acquired!

Brigitte Helm

Brigitte Helm with her boudoir dolls.