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Boudoir Doll on eBay

This composition/cloth boudoir doll is available on eBay. Click the photo to access the auction.

Cloth Boudoir Doll

I received an email from the Educator of the Columbus County Historical Society, inquiring about this 33" cloth boudoir doll. I believe this doll is French - at least, the head looks French. The clothing, although vintage, may not be original to the doll. Thanks for allowing me to blog this doll.

Postcard from France

This French postcard shows a nude model holding the hand of an all cloth male boudoir doll.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

This French postcard shows a boy dressed in a Wizard's costume and the French boudoir doll is assisting him - what's with the syringe - cringe!

Tagged Lenci Russian Dancer Boudoir Doll Catalog #187

This Lenci Russian dancer boudoir doll is available on eBay. Click on the photo to view the eBay auction.

Boudoir Dolls in Film - Battle of the Sexes 1928

This photo, from the 1928 film "Battle of the Sexes," shows Don Alvarado and Phylllis Haver and a Cubeb boudoir doll. Click the photo to view the eBay auction.

French Rosalinde

This French Rosalinde still wears her original black paint-on-silk costume with gold metallic lace. I always had the impression that the flat-chested Rosalindes were the only ones with cloth hands, but this doll with her bead-nippled breasts proves me wrong! She has cloth hands. Her silk floss hair has a single ringlet to the side. She is missing her pearl necklace that is characteristic of these dolls. She also is missing the suede soles of her slippers. In fact, her slippers appear to be replacements. Normally, Rosalindes have a suede-soled cloth shoe, marked "Rosalinde."

Biskeloid Half Doll

This is an interesting half doll. She has an Asian appearance to her. She is marked at the bottom "Biskeloid" and what appears to be "Made in Holland." On her back, the markings look like "The Roman Chariot".

Tagged French Gerb's Boudoir Bed Doll Senorita Pigall's

This French boudoir doll, tagged Gerb's Pigall's, is currently available on eBay. Click the photo to access the auction.

Tough Guy

This Lenci Hand Puppet depicts a "tough guy" in Apache outfit.

Hangin' out with his buddies. The puppet in the background is a non-smoker. All three puppets are winkers - flirts!

The Smiling Lieutenant - 1931

I just finished watching this 1931 movie, "The Smiling Lieutenant," starring Maurice Chevalier, Claudette Colbert and Miriam Hopkins. One word - cute!

Broadway Melody - 1929

Scene from "Broadway Melody" 1929

Warming Up 1928 - Boudoir Dolls in Film

This is a very unusual all composition Cubeb. Normally, these dolls have cigarettes or look like they're kissing or pouty, but this one has teeth! I'd love to find one like that! Another thing I've never seen is a stand. Perhaps, this was specially made for the film, but I wonder. The stand base reads "I'm Yours Forever."

The film "Warming Up" stars Jean Arthur and Richard Dix and is dated 1928.

Nancy Caroll

Nancy Caroll sings "Dancing To Save Your Sole" accompanied by Abe Lyman and his Orchestra - 1930

Hot Saturday! 1932 - Boudoir Dolls in Film

Two boudoir dolls appear in this 1932 movie "Hot Saturday" made in 1932, starring Cary Grant, Nancy Carroll, and Randolph Scott.

Here is a YouTube video clip from the film.


Lili Damita with Jazz Band. Click the photo to access the eBay auction.

Blossom Pierrot Cloth Boudoir Bed Doll

Blossom Pierrot boudoir doll for sale on eBay. You can Buy It Now or Make an Offer. Click the photo to access the eBay auction.

Earl Jack's Girl !?!

Princess Pauline, Earl Jack's Girl - at least, that's what the photo reads. Click the photo to access the eBay auction.

Did We Have Fun?

Poor Lilian Harvey over-partied New Year's Eve. Click the photo to access the eBay auction.