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Chalkware-Kraftrok, Rich-Craft Studios

This is one of my favorite items. It is made of chalk. The top lifts off the base which is scooped like a dish. I wonder if this is a trinket box? I've also seen these made into an ashtray. This one is marked on the bottom of the top half "Copyrighted, Design in Kraftrok, Rich-Craft Studios Inc., Jamestown, NY"

Here is a link to another one I found on the Internet


  1. I was pleased to find your blog while researching a Rich-Craft studio plaque I have.
    Dance of Nymphs:5 semi nude ladies dancing w/veils & musical instruments on a grassy lawn.
    1928. The plaque reads Design in Kraftrok. Am I to understand that is chalk? or plaster?
    Was good to see your post, It helped my identification.

  2. The one I have is chalk.

    That's what's nice about the Internet - sharing information. If you find anything else about this company, I'd love to know about it.


  3. I have a full-bodied, 22" nude female from this company. I can't find any information about the company or the purpose of the statue. Something about the way she's standing on a platform made me think she was for a commercial display. I'll have to check into Jamestown history to find something about the company.

  4. I just purchased a 17" by 12" plaque with a Parrot chasing an insect and Bamboo on it. Says "Design In Kraftrok, Rich-Craft Studios Inc, Jamestown, NY" on back. Haven't been able to find anything on it yet either.

    1. daswede@pixius.netMay 19, 2014 at 7:26 PM

      Hello Jerry i also have a oval plaque with all the design in kraftrok etc. and its of a lady with a big dress dark hair with a big blonde colored feather hat (it looks like) and is holding an old styled fan in her right hand. Did you find any more out about the company that made these? thank you



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