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Happy Hunting!

I refer to these French boudoir dolls as "Sparkle" dolls (see my previous blog posts from 2009/2010). They have molded hair with sparkles in it, and a molded torso that may have "France" or "Made in France" stamped or embossed in back, along the waist area. Their shoes are part of the leg mold, and the shoes have the same sparkles on them. The arms are strung. The rest is cloth, and it appears their original costumes were made of silk.

Like a lot of boudoir dolls, they get altered sometime during their 85-year existence; some more so than others. There is one of these dolls in the eBay world that has a wig glued on it (say it ain't so!). Her arms were cut at the elbow and cloth replacements were made so now she doesn't have strung arms, her legs look replaced with French legs, but not the kind she normally would have, and her face looks repainted. But, despite this "disguise," her telltale molded torso gave her away! "(Now, go see if you can't find her)........Ha!


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