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The Long Arm of the Paw

I had to share this photo. My cat can't stand being shut out of the doll room especially when he knows something's going on there.


  1. that has me in stitches. I have a little singapura boy who hates being locked out of my "special" room, where I have my vintage finds locked in boxes for fear of him eating them! Woke up one morning and found feathers all over the house- of course from my 1930s feather stole. Any tips on how to keep him away from Boudoir dolls?

    Thanks for your blog, I'm a huge fan, visit every day- fascinating reading and visual treats.
    x ivanna

  2. He's definitely a character!

    Definitely, a good idea to keep the feather stole locked away! I had a fake bird in a basket arrangement, and it ended up stripped of its feathers so I totally understand the attraction.

    I have my dolls in a closed room. He's not allowed in there which is why the arm gets shoved underneath the door!

    I do have a couple of dolls out on display, but he doesn't bother them - no feathers!

    Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it. I'm glad you like the blog!


  3. I love the idea of a closed room- definitely the way to go! I have just started my humble collection, and I feel the girls need their freedom, not to be locked behind glass cabinets. They need to breathe I suppose. Sadly that room is also Uno's favourite, so we will see how it goes. I'll give it a shot.

    Thanks for getting back, you truly have an amazing blog, makes me happy every night, first thing I read in the morning and before I hit the boudoir :)
    x ivanna

  4. I have to close a room off to my three cats. They enjoy playing with the dolls if they get the chance to. Their little paws reach under the door (like yours) and they ask to come in.


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