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This smoker is German-made by Steiner or Gerling. I get them confused. Maybe, somebody can let me know which maker it is.

I still have not found any ads to confirm the claim that these dolls, nicknamed by collectors as Cubebs, were used to promote cigarettes, particularly Cubeb cigarettes. I have, however, found evidence that these dolls were used as props in numerous movies. Should they then be renamed "Silver Screen" dolls? I have seen them referred to other names in old ads. I have blogged on this before.

These smokers have composition flanged heads and are referred to by collectors as Anita (after the one doll company Anita Novelty) or Anita-types. The doll on the left is also referred to a a Lobby Doll. Dolls like this have been found with the name of a hotel on their felt collar.


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