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Sue sent me this photo of her GrePoir and wrote "We know from Coleman's [Coleman's Doll Encyclopedia] that Eugenie Poir of Paris did not appear in the directories but produced the line of dolls under the direction of I. Alvin Grey of New York from 1927-30. We know from tags that appear on the doll she belonged to the group called The French Dollmakers(1925-30 and later) of New York and the Gre-Poir became part of the company. We know so little about this group?French or US made?"

This GrePoir is tagged. What I found interesting is her tag had a handwritten name "Gloria" on it. Was it the manufacturer's name for the doll? Looks that way, but?

This GrePoir needs TLC. Luckily, her head, arms and legs are in good shape. Her torso (not shown) needs repair. Her straw stuffing is exposed.

GrePoir made smokers and musical boudoir dolls. Fantastic!


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