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Clara Bow and Her Boudoir Dolls

Clara Bow, posing with her cloth boudoir doll.

Another photo of Clara Bow and a cloth boudoir doll.

Click the photo, above, to view the eBay auction.

La Marquise de Sevigne - Eye Candy

This candy company not only made delectable treats, but also knew that presentation is everything.

This is a full page ad, dated 1931, from the L'Illustration magazine. It describes the boxes that the candy comes in and gives the price. I have looked on the Internet for a conversion from Francs to Dollars, but all I've found is Euros. Not sure how much 700 francs would convert to in today's US dollar, but the half doll candy box sold for almost three times the price of the other containers.

Here is a La Marquise de Sevigne candy box with a full figured wax half doll. The doll has glass eyes and silk floss hair. Her legs are wax too, and she sits on a stool that is connected to the box lid.

Mary Philbin, Lenci Mara - 1929

Here is Mary Philbin with a Lenci Mara boudoir doll. The photo is stamped "Photo by Ray Jones" and is dated 1929. The information on the back states that she got this Lenci for her birthday.

Irene Rich 1935 "Powder My Back"

Irene Rich has a cool half doll lamp! This photo is a promo for her film "Powder My Back" and is date stamped February 27, 1935.

Edith Piaf

I watched the 2007 movie, La Vie En Rose, about the French singer, Edith Piaf. What a film! Tragic, and the actress was outstanding. Above is the real Edith Piaf in a 1936 clip. Below, is the song La Vie En Rose, sung by Edith Piaf

Hanka Ordonowna

I came across this video of Hanka Ordonowna. Check it out!

Rudolph Valentino and His Dogs

This photo of Rudolph Valentino and one of his dogs, Sheik, has to be my favorite. There's just something about his photo that I love. I guess knowing that Rudy loved animals, particularly dogs and horses, makes this photo special, so much so, I have three different versions of it.

Rudy owned several dogs. This one is Kabar. This dog was a favorite of his.

Not sure who this dog is. He had a couple dogs named Saitan and Centaur Pendragon. I'm sure there are Rudyites out there that know.

Here are more dogs. This photo was taken at his home, Falcon Lair.

This Cocker Spaniel was given to Rudy before his untimely death. I have not found a name for this dog except referred to as "Mission Rudy."

Boudoir Doll Wannabes

These girls apparently wish they were boudoir dolls. The girl on the left is holding what appears to be an all composition, jointed doll (Cubeb), and the girl on the right is holding what appears to be an all cloth doll.

Postcard from France Deux

What a Bozo!

What a surprise when I found this cool postcard of Bozo, clowning around with a boudoir doll. He's nothing like the Bozo I grew up with. Where's his huge red hair?

Wikipedia has some information about Bozo. The interesting thing is it states Bozo first appeared on records in 1946. This postcard is dated 1941. The boudoir doll dates 1920/1930s. Strange.


This wonderful Lenci boudoir doll's original dress is long gone, however, through the magic of Margie Herrera, Zulema has a new dress. When deciding on color, I suggested that Margie think of Sherbet ice cream, and I think she is spot on and did an outstanding job of pairing colors that look like strawberry, orange, and lemon, creating a striking organdy costume very similar to Zulema's original one. Margie even added felt flowers at the waist.

This rare doll appears in the Lenci catalog as "165/19 Zulema."

You Look Like a Boudoir Doll....Or Could It Be, They Look Like You?

Here are some photos of Kathryn Carver, Corinne Griffith and Lily Damita that remind me of this boudoir doll.

Fabulous Flapper

I just got this doll, and I have to say she is fabulous! She measures 29" and was made to be in a standing position. Her legs are wired inside to make them stiff. She wears a felt pleated skirt with matching jacket. She wears a silk tie and is holding a pair of suede gloves and matching clutch purse. She has red silk floss hair and her face is covered in silk. Her costume is detailed with wool collar and pocket trim, and she wears a flower corsage on her jacket at her neck. What a Gal!

Boudoir Dolls in Film - Hal Roach Studios

In my never ending search for photos and films containing boudoir dolls, here is a photo marked "Hal Roach Studios." No movie title is listed, however, it might be the 1927 film "What Women Did for Me." The movie stars Charley Chase. Lupe Velez also appears in the film. The boudoir doll isn't clear enough to see the face.

Penny Serenade - Cary Grant, Irene Dunne -1941

Penny Serenade - Cary Grant, Irene Dunne - 1941

Make sure when you watch this excellent film that you have a big box of tissues next to you......

Wax Over Half Dolls

These half dolls are made of chalk or composition and are covered with wax. I love the expressive and dramatically painted faces. The hair looks human. I got these from the Netherlands.

"Magic & Romance of Art Dolls" - Straight from the Pages

These dolls, from the book "Magic & Romance of Art Dolls" by Stephanie Farago remain in my collection. They are definite favorites of mine.

"Magic & Romance of Art Dolls" - Straight from the Pages

My favorite book - "Magic & Romance of Art Dolls." It contains lots of boudoir (art) dolls, displayed and photographed to give them life. I highly recommend the book. Collectors, me included, have been thrilled to own some of these dolls from the book. Here are a few I've been lucky to visit my home.

Unfortunately, these two French dolls have had their faces touched up after I sold happens......

Glad Rag Doll

Early French Suede Faced Dolls

I received these photos from Sue with the following information:
"This embroidered chamois (suede) faced doll was created by Polish artist, Fryda Frankowska (see faint signature on foot), in the mid to late 1910s, in France. These type of dolls appear to be the precursor to the boudoir doll. According to Coleman’s Doll Encyclopedia, Frankowska made dolls in France from 1916-18. Dolls of this nature were made by several people during World War I. The Coleman’s Encyclopedia states the group at Stefania Lazarska's workshop comprised of several hundred and were referred to as "La Groupe Polonaise," under direction of Marie Mickewiewicz . Madame Paderewski financed and publicized the work of these artists. Indeed, it seems that Paderewski’s involvement was mostly in the US and the years are from 1915-18. Coleman's states that in 1918, the group working from the Lazarska workshops had grown too large for one address and the "Ateliars Artistiques" (Artistic Work…

Apache Dancers - Eve Arden, Ben Blue

Eve Arden and Ben Blue in "Cocoanut Grove" 1938

Here is another photo available on eBay. Just click the photo to access the auction.

Boudoir Dolls in Film - Jean Harlow

I found this clip from a documentary about pre-code Hollywood. They didn't mention the name of the movie, but Jean Harlow stars in it. Notice the boudoir doll on the dresser (on the left). If anybody knows the name of this film, I'd appreciate knowing what it is.

French Apache Dancers?

Eve Arden and Ben Blue in "Cocoanut Grove" 1938

This photo is available on eBay. Just click the photo to access the auction.