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Boudoir Dolls in Film - Hal Roach Studios

In my never ending search for photos and films containing boudoir dolls, here is a photo marked "Hal Roach Studios." No movie title is listed, however, it might be the 1927 film "What Women Did for Me." The movie stars Charley Chase. Lupe Velez also appears in the film. The boudoir doll isn't clear enough to see the face.


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Boudoir Doll Sighting - The Film "Speedy" - Harold Lloyd - 1928

Harold Lloyd, Ann Christy in "Speedy" 1928 - boudoir doll given away as prize at Coney Island.

Unfortunately, this YouTube film clip has the wrong music and repeats scenes and has scenes out of context so it doesn't represent the movie correctly. The Coney Island part of this movie, the way it originally was, was great! You might want to rent the DVD - Netflix has it. Anyway, boudoir doll starts at 3:54.........

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