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La Marquise de Sevigne - Eye Candy

This candy company not only made delectable treats, but also knew that presentation is everything.

This is a full page ad, dated 1931, from the L'Illustration magazine. It describes the boxes that the candy comes in and gives the price. I have looked on the Internet for a conversion from Francs to Dollars, but all I've found is Euros. Not sure how much 700 francs would convert to in today's US dollar, but the half doll candy box sold for almost three times the price of the other containers.

Here is a La Marquise de Sevigne candy box with a full figured wax half doll. The doll has glass eyes and silk floss hair. Her legs are wax too, and she sits on a stool that is connected to the box lid.


  1. Hi Linda
    700 Francs from 1930 makes 380$ by now. Really expansive chocolates !

  2. Wow! That's for sure. Thanks for the info, Dominque!



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