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Rudolph Valentino and His Dogs

This photo of Rudolph Valentino and one of his dogs, Sheik, has to be my favorite. There's just something about his photo that I love. I guess knowing that Rudy loved animals, particularly dogs and horses, makes this photo special, so much so, I have three different versions of it.

Rudy owned several dogs. This one is Kabar. This dog was a favorite of his.

Not sure who this dog is. He had a couple dogs named Saitan and Centaur Pendragon. I'm sure there are Rudyites out there that know.

Here are more dogs. This photo was taken at his home, Falcon Lair.

This Cocker Spaniel was given to Rudy before his untimely death. I have not found a name for this dog except referred to as "Mission Rudy."


  1. Love the blog. The Irish Wolfhound in the pics is Centaur Pendragon.


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