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Boudoir Dolls

It's been awhile since I've blogged a boudoir doll. I hope to blog on these once I receive them. I recently purchased them at Theriault's auction. Stay tuned!

Amazing Adventure/Romance and Riches - Cary Grant - 1937

"The Amazing Adventure" was a good movie. It also is known as "Romance and Riches." The sound quality is poor, but it's worth watching. This 1937 fillm stars Cary Grant and Mary Brian. Cary Grant plays Bliss, a young man who inherits a lot of money, yet is depressed. He goes to a psychiatrist who challenges him to make it on his own without his millions. Bliss makes a bet with him that he can do it within a year.

The Cheat - 1931 - Tallulah Bankhead

"The Cheat" is a 1931 remake of the 1915 film "The Cheat" that starred Sessue Hawakawa.

In this remake, Tallulah Bankhead plays the woman in trouble. Notice the half dolls in this clip.

More Dancing by Valentino

Here is a compilation, set to modern music, of Valentino dancing in his films, including "Blood and Sand," "Cobra" (with Nita Naldi), "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse " ( with Alice Terry) and "The Eagle" (with Vilma Banky).

Rudolph Valentino - Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Tango Scene

This is the tango scene from Valentino's 1921 film, "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse."I simply love it!

Easter Greetings from Jean Arthur

Jean Arthur, sending you Easter Greetings. Click the photo to access the eBay auction for this photo.

Laurel & Hardy "Flying Aces" Shine on Harvest Moon

Oliver Hardy sings "Shine on Harvest Moon" while Stan Laurel dances.

Millie - 1931 - Helen Twelvetrees

Helen Twelvetrees starring in "Millie" - 1931 - notice the half doll telephone cover sitting on the window sill.

Marjorie Rambeau

Marjorie Rambeau in an unknown film. Not sure who the male actor is either. She has a boudoir doll hat stand on her dresser.

"The Romantic Age" Alberta Vaughn & Her Boudoir Doll

Alberta Vaughn "The Romantic Age" 1927

Alberta Vaughn looks like she's scolding her cloth boudoir doll, however, the doll is giving her a look like "Yeah, what about it?"

Income Tax Max - Sophie Tucker

Click the photo of Sophie Tucker to hear her song, "Income Tax Max."

Waikiki Wedding - 1937 - Bing Crosby

This clip is from "Waikiki Wedding," starring Bing Crosby, Martha Raye, Shirley Ross and a very young Anthony Quinn. I loved this movie! It starts out with a Hawaiian wedding and features Hawaiian songs and dance. Wonderful!

This 1937 song is "Sweet is the Word for You," sung by Bing Crosby

Another movie, "Double or Nothing" is a great Bing Crosby film, also starring Martha Raye. Both films were on the same DVD.

Kiss and Makeup - 1934 - Cary Grant Sings

Kiss and Makeup - 1934, starring Cary Grant, Helen Mack, Genevieve Tobin and Edward Everett Horton
This movie satires women's desire for beauty. Cary Grant plays a cosmetic doctor who, towards the end of the film, finally gives good advice to a patient who wants him to make her beautiful. This clip shows the good doctor and his secretary (she's in love with him, of course) at his apartment. He sings "Love Divided by Two."

There's another film, "30 Day Princess", starring Cary Grant and Sylvia Sidney. I liked that film much better. These films were on the same DVD.


This is a cool photo of a flapper with her "Anita" boudoir doll. I love it!

Thanks, Janet!

Here is another great drawing by Janet!

Date Night

Notice the "Anita" boudoir doll chaperon.