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Pierrot, French Rosalinde, French Pierrette, French Pierrot Head

German Apache Smokers, French or Italian Felt Male in Equestrian (has French store tag), Lenci head (hanging calendar), German Musical Smoker Pola Negri.

Lenci Fadette Smoker, French or English Apache Smoker, Lenci Hand Puppets

Blossom Painted Haired Smoker



  1. I just found a 28 " flapper type boudoir doll and am looking for clothes or someone to make me some. any suggestions?

  2. Sometimes people sell boudoir doll outfits on eBay. You might also contact people who make dolls. They usually make the outfits, too, so could make an outfit for your doll. Another idea is, again on eBay - people sell reprints or original 1920's boudoir doll patterns.



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