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Still Waiting for My Dolls to Show Up!

I haven't received my dolls yet that I got from an auction. I hope to get them this week.....In the meantime, here are some photos of dolls I have right now.

Above, Lenci Valentino, Son of the Sheik and a Lenci Spanish - I love them together!

Lenci - an Apache Smoker Marionette, a Spanish Senorita, Mistinguett, and a Fadette Smoker

French - Pierrot, Rosalinde, Pierrette and a Pierrot Head

A French, a Lenci Smoker "Zulema," and a composition/cloth "Big Face" Anita-type

French Silk Faced Flapper


  1. Они великолепны!

  2. Спасибо! (I hope that means thanks!)



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