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Cab Calloway

Cab Calloway - isn't he great? I just love him!

Diva Flappers

This wonderful half doll is marked "Made in Holland" and "The Roman Chariot" much like the half doll I blogged about months ago (see previous blog post). Her legs are marked "Germany." Her costume is trimmed with sequins, rhinestones, feathers and faux pearls.

Stormy Weather - 1943

"Stormy Weather" - 1943, starring Lena Horne, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, Cab Calloway and his Band, Katherine Dunham and her Troupe, Fats Waller, Nicholas Brothers, Ada Brown, and Dooley Wilson. Contrary to its title, it's an upbeat, fun film with lots of music and dancing. I highly recommend this movie!

I love Cab Calloway!

J'aime les poupées françaises.

This photo is captioned, "Elizabeth Hodes 4 1/2, 804 East 58th Street..."(really? they gave out the kid's address?!)..."gets preview of French doll collection at Museum of Science and Industry during unpacking of "Merci Train" cargo.....French doll Elizabeth is shown hugging is practically as large as she and is just part of a great collection including statues, furniture, pictures etc. which will be put on display Saturday......." The photo is dated 1949.

Poor Thing!

This photo is dated 1953. The caption reads, "Garbage truck No 980 with a doll on the front of hood. Driver Leo Zyskowski holds an umbrella over the doll to shade her from the hot sun."

Shade her from the hot sun!? What about the fact she's tied to the front of a trash truck!!! Hello, Leo........

Myrna Loy

Myrna Loy and her boudoir doll. The mentions the film "The One Way Street," however, I have only found one dated 1925, and her name does not appear as part of the cast. Not sure if that's an error or not.

Boudoir Dolls in Film - "Sally of the Sawdust" 1925

"Sally of the Sawdust" is a corny film, starring Carol Dempster and WC Fields, but it does have a couple of boudoir dolls in it (notice the one hanging on a post on the right, as well as the one just behind the guy on the left).

Black Bottom Vamp Boudoir Doll

How often do you see a tagged doll? Here's a cool one that is tagged "Black Bottom Vamp" "Mfg By S & H Novelty Co Atlantic City NJ." Click the link to view the doll that is for sale on Ruby Lane, Hatton's Gallery of Dolls.

7th Heaven

"7th Heaven" 1927 - Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell - keep a box of tissues nearby. I swear, I cried like a baby. Great film!

Rudy and Natacha

Here are more photos of the Mineralava dolls (Rudolph Valentino and his wife, Natacha Rambova). They were created by the sculptor Helene Sardeau specifically for the Valentinos' Mineralava Tour in 1923.

Dance to the Music

Rudolph Valentino, dancing with an unknown lady. Alice Terry, serves as spectator and phonograph crank winder. If anyone knows who Rudy's dance partner is, I'd love to know.

Independence Day

Have a Happy Fourth!