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Conrad Veidt

These cool photos of character actor, Conrad Veidt, are available on eBay. Click the photos to access the auctions.

Below,Conrad Veidt, narrates the song, "When the Lighthouse Shines Across the Bay" 1933

The "Banana Man"

This is an old German photo of a German musical smoker boudoir doll. Notice the peacock feather.....It looks like it's attached to his skull cap. I wonder if the dolls I've seen like him originally had a large feather on his cap!

This particular doll is referred to by collectors as "Banana Man." The name comes from the Stephanie Farago book, "The Magic & Romance of Art Dolls." In that book, there's a doll like this one, sitting on bananas. His music box plays, "Yes, We Have No Bananas."

"Yes, We Have No Bananas" Vocal by Arthur Hall -1921

Double Take

These Norah Wellings dolls are so life-like, at first glance, this cool photo looks like a boy with two girls.......1938 in Hyde Park.

French Beauties Once More

Sue did a fantastic job repairing this French beauty! She did a great job restoring the nose. GORGEOUS!

Sue repaired the nose on this rare French "Sparkle" doll. See my previous blog posts for other photos of these types. You will see what a great job Sue did on this doll to bring her back to her original appearance.

The Queen of the Hollywood Islands

This is one of my favorite scenes from the whacky 1948 film, "On Our Merry Way," featuring Dorothy Lamour singing "Queen of the Hollywood Islands."

Bag Lady

This unusual photo of a lady holding what appears to be a boudoir doll bag luckily has a caption on the back that reveals that this boudoir doll bag is actually a vacuum cleaner cover named "Bridget."

The caption reads, "Christmas Day...with Bridget...the vacuum cleaner in her Xmas dress...took this just for you see my pin? 1942 Meg."

I don't have the greatest eyesight, so, I can barely see Meg is wearing a pin even after scanning the 2.75" x 4.5" photo to a larger size. I guess the importance was that the receiver of the photo saw she was wearing it, more likely a gift that they gave to her for Christmas.

Boudoir Dolls in Film "The Skyrocket" 1925

This old photo of Peggy Hopkins Joyce in the 1925 film "The Skyrocket" features two cool boudoir dolls; one is an all composition smoker "Cubeb" and cloth French.

The Turntable Song

This is the opening number from the film "Something in the Wind," sung by Deanna Durbin.

I Love a Mystery

This song and dance number with Donald O'Connor and Deanna Durbin is pretty wild. It's from the film "Something in the Wind." 1947

Josephine Baker - 1927 - Siren of the Tropics

Josephine Baker is wonderful in this 1927 silent film "Siren of the Tropics" and GORGEOUS!

Josephine Baker - 1935 - "Princess Tam Tam"

I love this scene from Princess Tam Tam, starring Josephine Baker. This 1935 film has a twist at the end.....(do not click the Princess Tam Tam link if you don't want to spoil it).

Josephine Baker - 1934 - "ZouZou"

Here is Josephine Baker, singing "Haiti" in the film ZouZou, 1934. She could really sing!

Boudoir Dolls in Film "The Struggle" 1931

Two boudoir dolls appear in this 1931 film, "The Struggle." This film stars Hal Skelly, Zita Johann and Helen Mack.

All cloth boudoir doll, made by Blossom Doll Company

Composition and cloth boudoir doll, dressed in Pierrot costume, possibly Bucilla Kit doll.

German Half Doll Box

This half doll box is German made, possibly Hertwig.

Boudoir Dolls in Film "Bombshell" 1933

Looks like a German boudoir doll and a Cubeb smoker boudoir doll in this scene from "Bombshell" with Jean Harlow, 1933. Click the photo to view the auction on eBay.