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Window Shopping

This photo is from Dorothy S Coleman's "Lenci Dolls" book. The caption reads, "Window display in a London store showing a variety of cloth dolls, some having felt heads Playthings January 1930 published this picture. Note the predominance of long-limbed lady dolls."

Lenci Ladies

The 1930 Lenci catalog shows this doll as #165/27. Some collectors refer to her as the "Garden Lady."

The 1930 Lenci Catalog shows this doll as #577. I refer to her as the "Spanish Guitar Player."

The 1930 Lenci catalog shows this doll as #588. I just call her a Lenci Lady.

Alexandra Danilova Boudoir Doll

Here are super cool photos of Alexandra Danilova's look-a-like boudoir doll. Click the photo of the doll to access the Getty Images web site.

Stars and Stripes Forever!

This old photo shows a woman holding a composition/cloth boudoir doll, dressed in a red, white and blue patriotic costume. How do I know it's red, white and blue? I just do......(if you have a doll similar to this one, I'd love a photo)

Amazing Transformations

This French boudoir doll has seen better days, but thanks to Sue, she is well on her way to seeing those brighter days again. Below, are photos of the first phases of restoration.

The stain on the French boudoir doll, below, has been successfully reduced. Check out the before and after photos for the dramatic results.

Ormolu Half Doll Powder Jars

It's A Guy Thing

Here is an old photo of guys holding their carnival prizes; stuffed animals and boudoir dolls. Two of the dolls are males, wearing military uniforms - a soldier and a sailor. They have composition heads, arms and legs with cloth bodies. Below is an example of a doll like in the photo.

Half Dolls

Cute porcelain half doll with feathers for her skirt.

This candy box has a cloth faced boudoir doll-type head.

This half doll figure is papier mache.

French JxB

This is a super cool flocked face French JxB boudoir doll. She sits on her luxurious pillow. Her costume is silk with sequins, and it is embellished with beads that match her bracelet. Fantastic!!

God Bless America!

Deanna Durbin, singing "God Bless America"

Baby, Take a Bow

The film "Stand Up and Cheer" Shirley Temple and James Dunn

Be Optimistic!

Shirley Temple singing Be Optimistic.

Shirley Temple & Her French Boudoir Doll

Here's a great photo of Shirley Temple and her French boudoir doll.

Half Dolls

Here are photos of some outstanding half dolls - Linda Goddard, owner of Guilty Pleasures.

Sugar Bowl - note that her skirt serves as a spoon holder.

Powder Boxes

Candy Box

Collar Box

Candy Box

Candy Box