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Friendly Ghosts - Jessie Matthews - 1926

I blogged this before, but it's still a Halloween favorite.

French Pierrot

This old post card is marked Made in France.

Doll Collection

The back of this photo reads, "Dear Anna Lou and Oscar, Wishing you a Merry Christmas and many blessings in the New Year. Please remember me to your father, with love. Catharine and Wyman adore the South and long to go back again. Margaret C Dittmar - part of my doll collection."

And, what a collection it is! Looks like she had a boudoir doll wedding party (bride, groom and 4 bridesmaids). In addition to boudoir dolls, she had some other super dolls; including J.K. Farnell (Alpha Toys) and Chad Valley

The back of this photo is written, "To Anna Lou and Oscar, Wishing you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year with love Margaret C. Maywood (Mrs. Charles G.) I am happily married to a splendid man, Margaret"

Sounds like a very happy woman!

Our Dancing Daughters - Photoplay Magazine 1928

This page is from Photoplay magazine, July 1928, showing Dorothy Sebastian, Joan Crawford, and Anita Page.

The caption reads, "The Younger Set of Culver City, the Misses Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. These three Graces of 1928 are sharing feminine honors - or battling for the, whichever way you consider it - in 'Our Dancing Daughters.' The brunette is Dorothy Sebastian, Joan Crawford is a red head. Yes, Joan has red hair these days; it's the latest Hollywood trick. The blonde is Anita Page, the little stranger."

Madame Cadillac

Written on the back of this old photo is "Antoine de la Monthe Cadillac." The photo is dated August 22, 1926. Also written is "Madame Cadillac doll named after founder of Detroit at Sesquicentennial Exposition."

When I first saw this photo, I thought it was a real person that resembled a half doll (I didn't realize she was standing on a chair)....but, another look made me realize it's a half doll that looks like a real person. I think the photo is a great guide for those of you that wish to make your half doll a gown for your "Madame Cadillac."

Doll Days

Actresses, Alice and Marceline Day with their stuffed animals and boudoir dolls.

Best Friends

This German photo of a lady smoking and a cool boudoir doll is marked Reinhold Schaefer, Berlin-Niederschoenhausen.

Skeleton in the Closet - Louis Armstrong - 1936

I blogged this clip of Louis Armstrong, singing "Skeleton in the Closet" back in 2009, and it's still a favorite!

Carnival Souvenirs

This old photo was these couples' souvenir of the day at the carnival. Looks likes one lady has an added bonus of the day - a boudoir doll.

Lenci Pierrot

This old Italian-made postcard shows a couple with an Italian-made Lenci Pierrot boudoir doll.

French Doll Masks

This French boudoir doll head/mask has a painted-on cigarette. Notice the painted-on smoke.

This French boudoir doll head/mask is tagged "Galerias Lafayette, France"

Half Dolls

Thank you, Elsa, for sharing these photos of some super half dolls. The black half doll is particularly rare. Notice the maker's mark. It looks like TKB or maybe it's TKS? If anyone knows who the maker is, I'd appreciate knowing. I have a half doll in my shop that has the same maker's mark.

You can find Elsa's blog at

Betty Weston and Her Boudoir Doll

I love photos like this one. This old photo is of Betty Weston. I could not find any information on her, however, the back of the photo has the following label, "Miss Long Vogue Exclusive" "Betty Weston in Donald Gallaher's production of 'The Gorilla' Ralph Spence's mystery at the Selwyn Theatre." The photo is embossed with the photographer's name "Maurice Goldberg." Click the highlighted names to access the Wikipedia links.

Since the Beginning

These three dolls have been in my collection since I started collecting. I love her purple velvet jacket and matching cloche hat. She is what collectors call a "Big Face" because her head is larger than the usual composition-head dolls (larger than the doll, below). She is also longer, measuring 34". The doll, below, is a smoker. Her head is smaller in size, and she measures 28". Collectors refer to these dolls as "Anita" or "Anita-type," named after a doll company "Anita Doll Company" that made dolls like these.
The other doll, below, is made of felt, Italian, by the maker, Lenci. She is referred to as a Fadette. She was the very first Lenci I bought. Fadettes are my very favorite boudoir dolls.

It Began with Just One Boudoir Doll

Here is an old photo of a composition "Standard" boudoir doll. Although written on the photo is "my bedroom," it is not my bedroom ;)

This photo reminds me of how I got into collecting boudoir dolls. I only wanted one for my bed.......and before I knew it, I had over 100 in my bedroom and over 100 others scattered throughout the house. That was 10 years ago, and a lot has changed since that time. I have significantly reduced their numbers, and they are no longer throughout the house, not even one on my bed.

This was my bedroom in 2001.

Then, there were three.

This was my office in 2004.

This was one wall in my bedroom in 2004.

Halloween Flapper and Her Look-A-Like Boudoir Doll

I blogged this photo back in October 2009, but wanted to post it again in case some of you haven't seen it. I was so excited about finding this photo. Notice her costume - pumpkins. And the doll is wearing an outfit with the same fabric. They're all ready for Halloween!

This photo was taken by Arlington Studio, 394 Boylston Street, Boston Massachusetts.

Lya de Putti

Lya de Putti, posing with her French cloth boudoir doll - 1931, the year she died.

May McBride's Dolls

Here is a photo of May McBride with some dolls. I could not find any information on her so not sure who she is. If anyone knows, I'd appreciate some info. Notice the German Pierrot boudoir doll on the left. I wonder if he had a music box?

Love Me, Love My Cat

Kim Novak and Pyewacket

Bell, Book and Candle - 1959 - Kim Novak, Jimmy Stewart, Hermione Gingold, Jack Lemmon

This film is believed to be one of the inspirations of the 1960's TV series "Bewitched."