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Boudoir Dolls & the Casino de Paris - Le Perroquet l'Arlequin

The doll on the left still wears her original outfit - and it's tagged! The tag is barely legible and is incomplete, however, what is left gave me enough information to search the Internet. What I've been able to figure out is the tag reads, "Le Perroquet l'Arlequin" (The Harlequin Parrot). And, the word "Paris." This was a cabaret within the Casino de Paris that was graced by many performers, including The Dolly Sisters. Click all the links to access information. Apparently, the Casino de Paris and Le Perroquet still exist, although it appears that Le Perroquet is now a restaurant.

Based on this information, these dolls were "cabaret souvenirs."

Someone a long time ago attempted to "restore" the doll on the right, however, they replaced the body with an Anita-type body (with compo hands), making her a few inches shorter than her original "sister." Her costume was once like the one on the left. The doll on the left is tagg…

Are They These Dolls?

These boudoir dolls are so much like the ones in this 1926 photo of Rene Hubert (click this link to see the whole photo), I can't help believing they're the same dolls. What do you think?

Dolly Sisters Boudoir Dolls

I've done some Internet surfing, trying to get some information about The Dolly Sisters and these dolls. Here is a link to Netlex News containing more information on The Dolly Sisters. Don't you think these dolls look like them?

The Dolly Sisters - Gary Chapman's Web Site

Click Gary Chapman to access the web page on The Dolly Sisters. He wrote a biography about them, called "The Delectable Dollies - Icons of the Jazz Age" in 2006. Also, click this link to view another web page from his site.

You will notice in the upper left-hand corner of the photo, I've inserted a black and white comparison photo of boudoir dolls I just acquired.

The Dolly Sisters - Babes in the Wood

A PEEP AT "BABES IN THE WOOD"<p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>

I found this film on the British Pathe' web site. It features The Dolly Sisters. More on the Dolly Sisters in the coming days, including boudoir dolls I've recently acquired!

Brigitte Helm

Brigitte Helm with her boudoir dolls.

Lilith Workshop

Here is another Lilith that Sue is restoring. Note the unusual hands. These are not typical of most boudoir dolls. This particular doll is not the stereotypical boudoir doll.

Sue took this photo to show the difference between the Lilith doll on the right and the Anita-type doll on the left. The Lilith doll in the middle has an Anita-type body, although of the era, not original to her so Sue made her an appropriate body.

Here is the back of a Lilith that shows the maker's mark. This is always a thrill to see a marked or tagged doll.

These dolls remind me of store mannequins.

What I admire the most about Sue's restoration work is that she marks the bodies she reproduces. This lets people know it's not original to the doll. However, what is even more wonderful is that she keeps to the era. Even if she must use newer material, her goal is to keep true to the doll. In effect, Sue is truly restoring.

Sue's restoration workshop


Lilith's coat is made from vintage silk velour that Sue bought at a re-cycle shop with a vintage fur collar.


Sue, once again, did a fantastic job restoring this rare Lilith boudoir doll, giving her a wonderful of-the-era ensemble. She used real fashions from a 1930 Delineator magazine for her inspiration. More photos of this and other Lilith boudoir dolls to follow in the coming days.

Home Movies - Thanksgiving - 1930-1936

These are home movies taken on Thanksgiving during the 1930's that I found on YouTube. Thank you French/Webster families for sharing! It's interesting to see the style of hair, dress, tradition, and the pets and home during that time. I love the kitchen and the Scottie dog! Looks like they had a great time on Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!


This unusual 39" boudoir doll is like nothing I've ever seen before! The detail on this doll is fantastic!

Huguette Clark - Major Doll Collector

Huguette Clark - 1930 - AP Photo

Huguette Clark, Copper Heiress and Doll Collector - a woman after my own heart. Her friend was quoted as saying that Huguette's dolls were "her closet companions." She apparently spent millions on dolls. I would love to see her collection!Click her name to access the Wikipedia information about her, and click her photo to read the article about her and her doll purchases.

Billie Dove & Kuddles

This photo is Billie Dove, cuddling a "Kuddles" Toys (Jane Gray Company) boudoir doll.


Thanksgiving 76 years ago

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - 1935

Lenci Fadette

Lenci Fadette

Broadway Serenade - 1939

Final number from the film "Broadway Serenade," starring Jeanette MacDonald and Lew Ayres. It's a deceptive number in that you believe it to be very is not! Watch it. It's quite interesting.

Jeanette MacDonald - Beyond the Blue Horizon

Here is Jeanette MacDonald, singing "Beyond the Blue Horizon" and some clips from the movie "Monte Carlo," also starring Jack Buchanan - 1930. I wasn't particularly enthused about this film, but I did enjoy this song.

Celebrity Advertising

Even in the early days of film, companies used movie stars in their marketing. Louise Brooks is featured in this swimsuit ad and Peggy (Hopkins) Joyce in an ad for Smart Set Magazine - July 1928 Photoplay Magazine.

Boudoir Dolls in Film "Sunrise - A Song of Two Humans"

This 1927 film "Sunrise - A Song of Two Humans" stars Janet Gaynor and George O'Brien. It's a very emotional film about love, betrayal, and forgiveness. There are three boudoir dolls in these two clips.

The boudoir dolls can be seen, starting at 2:37

Thoroughly Modern Millies

Here is a closeup of an old photo, apparently taken in Denver, of three flappers, two of which are holding cloth boudoir dolls. Notice that these ladies are dressed in pajama-styled pant outfits. And, with their bobbed hairdos and their boudoir dolls, they must have kept up with the latest fads.

Marie Prevost

I've posted a similar photo of Marie Prevost and her French boudoir doll in previous posts, however, this one is a closer shot. This is an old publicity/fan handout.