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Boudoir Dolls & the Casino de Paris - Le Perroquet l'Arlequin

The doll on the left still wears her original outfit - and it's tagged! The tag is barely legible and is incomplete, however, what is left gave me enough information to search the Internet. What I've been able to figure out is the tag reads, "Le Perroquet l'Arlequin" (The Harlequin Parrot). And, the word "Paris." This was a cabaret within the Casino de Paris that was graced by many performers, including The Dolly Sisters. Click all the links to access information. Apparently, the Casino de Paris and Le Perroquet still exist, although it appears that Le Perroquet is now a restaurant.

Based on this information, these dolls were "cabaret souvenirs."

Someone a long time ago attempted to "restore" the doll on the right, however, they replaced the body with an Anita-type body (with compo hands), making her a few inches shorter than her original "sister." Her costume was once like the one on the left. The doll on the left is tagged.

The tag reads, "Le Perroquet l'Arlequin" "Paris"


  1. These two dolls or dolls like them are in your photo of Rene Hubert.


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