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Lilith Workshop

Here is another Lilith that Sue is restoring. Note the unusual hands. These are not typical of most boudoir dolls. This particular doll is not the stereotypical boudoir doll.

Sue took this photo to show the difference between the Lilith doll on the right and the Anita-type doll on the left. The Lilith doll in the middle has an Anita-type body, although of the era, not original to her so Sue made her an appropriate body.

Here is the back of a Lilith that shows the maker's mark. This is always a thrill to see a marked or tagged doll.

These dolls remind me of store mannequins.

What I admire the most about Sue's restoration work is that she marks the bodies she reproduces. This lets people know it's not original to the doll. However, what is even more wonderful is that she keeps to the era. Even if she must use newer material, her goal is to keep true to the doll. In effect, Sue is truly restoring.

Sue's restoration workshop


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