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From Rags to Riches - A Royal Affair

Here are photos of a pair of half-doll type dolls in partially restored costumes, made by the ever-so-talented Margie Herrera. These dolls belong to Carol Willman who had Margie restore their costumes and allowed Margie to share her photos on this blog. Thanks! Below are more photos taken before their transformation. You will notice that most of their original costumes remain and that Margie replaced the badly shredded silk. One thing that can't be replaced, however, is the lady's nose up in the air! She's not having any part of "Prince Charming"'s attentions.

See the tag, below, last photo. These dolls are German/Austrian.

The lady's gown has a tag, "Wiener Kunstgewerbe-Atelier - Berlin, SW68 Ritterstrasse 49 (Viennese Arts and Crafts Studio, Berlin SW 68, Knight Street 49)


  1. I was very, very pleased with the results. Margie is great to work with and has a flair for color and period style. Thanks again, Carol


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