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Hey Buddy, Gotta Light?

This old photo of Anna Held, Jr is dated November 28, 1924. The news caption reads, "New York....Theatrical folk of a generation ago well remember Anna Held, who reigned as a leader in the musical comedy world for several years. When her daughter, Anna Held, Jr, came upon the stage to follow the career of her mother, she received a hearty welcome and attained much personal popularity. But now Anna Held, Jr has forsaken the footlights and has opened a novelty shop in Greenwich Village where she not only has on sale a great many interesting articles of various design, but where she also makes many things herself."

Additionally, the photo has the following caption, "Photo shows Anna Held with two French Apache dolls designed by Poiret of Paris. She is getting a light from the Apache cigarette."

From what I've found in photos and magazines, it appears that there were a lot of boudoir dolls designed by famous fashion designers. I love this photo!


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