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My Last Blog Post

It was three years ago, tomorrow, that I started this blog. I appreciate all of you who have registered as Readers (106 of you - thanks!). Thanks to all who contributed to this blog. You made it more interesting!
This will be my last post. However, you can continue to view photos on my Pinterest boards. Just click the Pinterest logo, below. See you on the other side!

Composition & Cloth Boudoir Doll Smokers

This smoker is German-made.

 This smoker has burgundy silk floss hair.

 This smoker is tagged Gerling Toy Co.

More All Composition Smokers

Here are more smokers. They are all composition.

 This smoker's face paint has been nicely restored.

All Composition Smokers

I love these type of boudoir doll smokers. They have a down side, though; their composition and face paint are fragile. Most of these dolls have been restored so if you find an original one, it's a rare find.

This doll has an add-on wig.

Etta Boudoir Doll - And, She Could Be Yours!

Louise Black contacted me regarding this Etta boudoir doll. She's wanting to sell her. So, please contact Louise about it. Just click on Louise's name, at the beginning of this paragraph, to access her Etsy shop.

Seeing Double - Claire Luce

Claire Luce (click on her name to view Wikipedia bio) with a group of boudoir dolls. These two photos, on the surface, appear to be the same, but if you compare them, you will see they are different. Some of the dolls have moved, and Claire's facial expression is ever so slightly changed. I wonder where these dolls are now? How many of them have survived?

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Independence Day

Tagged Blossom

Gisele Tissier, French Doll Artist

I received these doll photos from Dominique.
Thank you, Dominique, for these great photos and the information!

Tagged Charles Bloom Musical Boudoir Doll

Anybody recognize this song?

1920 French Illustration

Boudoir Dolls in Film - Have a Heart - 1934

Jean Parker, Una Merkel - "Have a Heart" - 1934 (thank you, DollZandThingZ, for the name of the movie!!!)

Early French Boudoir Doll

Sue sent me these photos of an early French boudoir doll. She might have been a lingerie bag. Sue believes she was made by Madame Lazarski, dated around 1916- early 1920's. The early dolls had child-like features, but this one is more adult. The tag reads, "Mascotte, Made in Paris, Depose Patent, AAP [Ateliers Artistiques Polonais (Polish Artistic Workshops)].

And, Now, A Word From Our Sponsor

Dolores Del Rio's Bedroom

Notice the Lenci, sitting on the left, in Dolores Del Rio's Bedroom
Picture Play Magazine January 1929

Boudoir Dolls in Film "Three on a Match"

Joan Blondell, Glenda Farrell, Allen Jenkins, and a composition/cloth boudoir doll. 1932 film "Three on a Match."

French Pierrot Faces

These boudoir doll faces were made by the same French maker and have the same model number, but you can see that their faces were painted differently. Perhaps the one on the left is a Pierrette and the one on the right is Pierrot?

Greetings from Latvia

This old postcard is from Latvia.