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Ladies' Man

The caption on this photo partially reads, "'Flying Ace' Charles A. Lindbergh became a popular hero in 1927 when he flew solo across the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Paris, inspiring dolls, songs, poems and candy bars."

I wonder how many of these boudoir dolls still exist? I don't believe I've ever seen one.

Bag Lady

Being I know nothing about fabric, I could be wrong, but I'm thinking that this purse was restored/repaired or replaced in the 1960's. The celluloid purse frame is old, as is the boudoir doll face. But, the trim inside the purse, as well as the silk lining, and the crushed velvet purse, itself, seems 1960's to me.......anybody know fabric that could confirm? Cool purse!


This old photo shows a happy girl with her "friends."

Lucien Kahn French Boudoir Doll

Sue sent me these photos of this tagged Lucien Kahn French boudoir doll with the following information, "Lucien Kahn is listed in Coleman's (Doll Encyclopedia). French doll maker from 1926-29 and later? Why she cites later ? She lists factory at Montreuil-sous-Bois and he made cloth dolls. He registered in France Moglette as a trademark in 1926 and these stuffed dolls also appeared as La Moglette.It would appear that these dolls were made for the French market, as opposed to some dolls being export only to US."

Mommy's Doll

The expression on this little girl makes me wonder if she was "caught in the act." I have a feeling it's Mommy's boudoir doll.....

French Suede-Faced Flapper "Jane"

This fabulous French doll has a chamois (suede) face with embroidered and painted face and silk floss hair. She wears the cutest hiking/snow boots. When I saw her photo, I thought they could have been leather, but they're pottery, painted to look like leather! The bottom of one sole is handwritten, "Jane."Her outfit feels like flannel, but I do not know what the fabric is, and she wears stockings and "socks." Her hat is knitted. She is SO CUTE!

I made a collage of Dorothy Jordan and Bessie Love. These photos reminded me so much of my doll! You can find these photos on eBay. Click the names of the actresses to access the auctions.

Here Comes Mr. Jordan - 1941 - Robert Montgomery

"Here Comes Mr. Jordan" - 1941 - Starring Robert Montgomery, Claude Rains, Evelyn Keyes, and James Gleason. This film was made again in 1978, called "Heaven Can Wait." I loved the original 1941 version!

Lured - 1947 - Lucille Ball, George Sanders

Snippet from the 1947 movie, "Lured," starring Lucille Ball, George Sanders, Boris Karloff, and Sir Cedric Hardwicke. This is a great whodunit, serial killer movie!

Not Your Typical German Doll Head

The doll head in the middle is very unusual. You can see the difference in style. She has molded hair, and the style is very different. I've never seen one like it. Interesting.....

Lupe Velez & Friends

Lupe Velez, posing with four all cloth boudoir dolls, possibly made by "American Stuffed Novelty" or "Unique Novelty Doll Company."

Petite French

This is one of the earlier-made boudoir dolls. She is a petite French doll, and wears her original silk dress. As is typical with silk, it has deteriorated, yet you can still see how beautiful her dress once was. She has silk thread hair and a needle-sculpted face The face is felt with silk overlay.

Family Gathering

I wonder when this photo was taken - looks like 1940/50's? The lady's boudoir doll helps to date the photo.

Happy Birthday, Kathy!

Looks like Kathy got a boudoir doll for her birthday in 1951.

Where Did You Get Those Eyes?

One particular trait of a French "Ring Lady" are her eyes. Notice the first three photo closeups show the eye paint is the same on all three dolls.

The eye paint on the last doll is different, yet the doll has other "Ring Lady" characteristics, such as the same type body, pearl choker necklace and ring on finger. (click on "body" to view a previous blog post)

So, is the doll with the different eye paint made by the same maker? I believe they are. Does anyone have a doll like these that is tagged?

Pierrot Half Dolls

Here are more Pierrot half dolls.

Pierrot Half Doll

This wonderful Pierrot half doll is marked "21183." The owner told me that this half doll is porcelain. I looked up the number in a half doll book, and it states that the number is associated with Sitzendorfer Porzellanfabrik, however, I don't know for sure if that is what the number represents. At any rate, this half doll has great looking face paint; so realistic.

The owner wished to be anonymous and requested I make the photos "Courtesy of a Frau Wulf Fan." Thank you. I'm glad you enjoy the blog. Your photos help me to keep on blogging.

Lenci Spanish Senorita

This Lenci is tagged #163. She is the smiling version of another one just like her (see last photo). Both dolls remind me of Fadettes. They're the same size, and their bodies seem to be the same. Their face molds look the same to me too. Pretty dolls!

Boudoir Dolls in Film "Cabin in the Sky"

There is a boudoir doll in Georgia Brown's (Lena Horne) boudoir in "Cabin in the Sky" 1943, also starring Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Ethel Waters, John W. "Bubbles" Sublett, and Louis Armstrong. And, as suspected, Georgia is a particularly naughty lady as evidenced by her owning a boudoir doll, as well as the Devil Jr. (Rex Ingram) laying in her bed (third photo). This film is really cute and has some great musical numbers in it. See the YouTube clip, below; one of my favorite musical scenes in the film (Duke Ellington).