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Bag Lady

Being I know nothing about fabric, I could be wrong, but I'm thinking that this purse was restored/repaired or replaced in the 1960's. The celluloid purse frame is old, as is the boudoir doll face. But, the trim inside the purse, as well as the silk lining, and the crushed velvet purse, itself, seems 1960's to me.......anybody know fabric that could confirm? Cool purse!


  1. Hola Linda! REstaurado o no, es una belleza! Te felicito. Aún no he podido armar mis half doll.
    Agradezco tu generosidad .

    Hi Linda! Refurbished or not, is a beauty! Congratulations. Even I could not put together my half doll.
    I appreciate your generosity when I made my request. Elsa.


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