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French Suede-Faced Flapper "Jane"

This fabulous French doll has a chamois (suede) face with embroidered and painted face and silk floss hair. She wears the cutest hiking/snow boots. When I saw her photo, I thought they could have been leather, but they're pottery, painted to look like leather! The bottom of one sole is handwritten, "Jane." Her outfit feels like flannel, but I do not know what the fabric is, and she wears stockings and "socks." Her hat is knitted. She is SO CUTE!

I made a collage of Dorothy Jordan and Bessie Love. These photos reminded me so much of my doll! You can find these photos on eBay. Click the names of the actresses to access the auctions.


  1. A friend sent me the link to this. She's simply lovely, with such charm and sweetness. I make leather headed dolls, but I really didn't know boudoir dolls came made this way. I'll have to do some more research! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hello, I don't know if you are still blogging but I have just purchased a doll who must have been made by the person who made your doll Jane. I am so excited to have found another and would love to share photos with you. With regards, Janet

  3. No, I'm no longer blogging, but, I'm on Pinterest now. I'd love to see the photos!


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