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A Boudoir Doll Only a Mother Could Love

Here's an old photo of somebody's mother, posing with her boudoir doll.

Gerling - Sterling?

This doll looks like a Gerling, however, her body is tagged Sterling......These dolls never cease to confuse me.....

Click the photo to access the eBay auction.

Olive Borden and Her Lenci Doll

Olive Borden and her Lenci boudoir doll. This old photo is stamped 1932 on the back with press info.

This photo is from the book "Lenci Dolls in Full Color, Toys for the Rich and Famous, 1920-1940, by Helen Nolan. It is the same type doll Olive Borden is holding.

Maurice Milliere

Artist, Maurice Milliere, is apparently the artist of my statuette! This illustration is from the risque' magazine, "La Vie Parisienne" 1931. Click the photo to access the web site where I found this. It is a a web site that sells the original prints from old magazines.

Here is a link I found of a statue much like mine except it's undressed and has a different wig.

ABC TV Show and Tell

Here is another web site with old Maurice Milliere postcards:

Old Maurice Milliere Postcards

French Statuette - Maurice Milliere

This cute 16" statuette is marked, "CFG Made in France, Paris." The top of the base looks like it was handwritten when the plaster/cement was wet. I cannot make out what it says. She wears her original, fragile netted dress. Unfortunately, when shipped, her left wrist and inner arm suffered damage, however, she's still a fabulous souvenir from the past!

After doing some checking on the Internet, I believe the top marking on the statuette's base is Maurice Milliere's signature. I have not figured out what the one underneath his signature is yet. See samples I found of his signature, below:

Classy Swimwear

Great swimwear! Song sung by Annette Hanshaw. Hey! Is that Johnny Weissmuller at 1:00?

Celebrity Fashion Show

Rare color film of fashions worn by Corliss Palmer, Raquel Torres, Laura LaPlante, and Ruth Elder, and song sung by Annette Hanshaw

Annette Hanshaw

Annette Hanshaw - one of my favorite female singers

Derelys Perdue

Here is a reprint of a 1920's photo of Derelys Perdue with a French boudoir doll. Click on her name to read her bio. I love her boudoir doll!

Girls?? Just Want to Have Fun

Here's an interesting photo - the back is marked, "Dimit Brothers, Commercial Photographers, 215 City Savings Bldg, Alliance, Ohio."

The girl sitting on the right (her left, your right) is holding a German boudoir doll. Looks like the rest are holding stuffed animals....and then there's those two "cuties" standing in back! Well, not sure what this is all about, however, I did find information about the photographer that might give us a clue (click the link to find another photo, taken by this company and information related to it):

Information about Dimit Brothers Photography

Christmas Photo

I've been finding quite a few photos of girls with boudoir dolls at Christmas time. Here is another one.