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French Statuette - Maurice Milliere

This cute 16" statuette is marked, "CFG Made in France, Paris." The top of the base looks like it was handwritten when the plaster/cement was wet. I cannot make out what it says. She wears her original, fragile netted dress. Unfortunately, when shipped, her left wrist and inner arm suffered damage, however, she's still a fabulous souvenir from the past!

After doing some checking on the Internet, I believe the top marking on the statuette's base is Maurice Milliere's signature. I have not figured out what the one underneath his signature is yet. See samples I found of his signature, below:



  2. I hope you can open this link to my collection of Milliere dolls:

  3. Thanks, Nannette! You have a super collection!

  4. Hi! I have a new link to my Milliere doll collection on Pinterest with almost 100 photos.


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